ABOUT SynthArk

As a lot of synthesizers begin showing their age, SynthArk’s goal is to provide accurate and useful references of those synths.  While research started many years earlier, SynthArk was established in 2010 as a means to preserve synthesizer heritage via hands-on research, documentation, restoration, and sampling. The research and documentation takes the form of articles published and the museum, while restoration and sampling are services and products we provide.Much thanks goes to Kid Nepro for licensing us their patch library and giving us a great reference point for this project.This site is dedicated to the memory of Tim Smith of Weyer/Smith Labs and the Audio Clinic (see Keyboard Feb 1994 issue), for his guidance, inspiration and sparking interest in this project.







Latest Product

Kid Nepro Juno-106 Sample Bank

CD_Juno-106_GrpA Kid Nepro Juno-106 Live Edition samples just added to the SynthArk Library!

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Need a free sample player?

moogCakewalk SFZ is good player with a minimal GUI (presets can be edited via text files), while IK Multimedia SampleTank has a full featured GUI. Emu ProteusVX (PC only) has the advanced features of the ProteusX, but is limited by RAM size (no disk streaming), so we’d recommend our “Live” editions unless your computer has a lot of memory.

If you already own Apple Logic Pro, the EXS24 sample player is included. Similarly, if you own Reason, NN-XT sample player is included. Otherwise, Reason Essentials also contains NN-XT and is under $100US

We also support Emu EmulatorX (ProteusX, ProteusVX), MOTU MachFive, and Native Instruments Kontakt, which compensate for their cost by being much more flexible with a larger feature set.

If you have a sample player we don’t currently support natively, we recommend the SF2 format, since most sample players can import it. While SF2 is more limited than some of the platform specific formats (EmulatorX, Kontakt, MachFive), it at least supports basic key/velocity mapping, envelope, and LFO settings, unlike WAV.