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MIDI Programmers


Board Test

We are currently designing MIDI SysEx programmers for various vintage synthesizers. Our first targets are the Korg DW-6000/DW-8000/EX-8000, Kawai K3/K3m, and Sequential Circuits Max/Six-Trak/Multi-Trak/Split-8. We are using a modular approach for the programmers, so various configurations of knobs/sliders can be customized for each one. Additionally, the programmer panels are designed to work with Eurorack cases and our custom MIDI controllers.

Release Plan

We plan to release our first set of programmers later this year:

  • March: Knob/45mm slider interface board configurations (2) build (see pic).
  • April: Initial controller board build (Kawai K3/K3m).
  • May: 20/60mm slider interface board configurations (4) build.
  • June: Complete Korg DW-6000/DW-8000/EX-8000 and Sequential Circuits Max/Six-Trak/Multi-Trak/Split-8 programs.
  • July: Production interface board assembly.

Future Plans

Here is a list of additional synths we plan on supporting soon:

  • Emu Emax/EmaxII
  • Ensoniq Mirage
  • Korg DSS-1/DSM-1
  • Roland Alpha Juno, JX-8p/JX-10/MKS-70, MKS-80, MKS-7
  • Oberheim Matrix 6/6R/1000
  • Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000/2002, Prophet VS, Mopho, Evolver

Additionally, once our encoder version of the programmer is ready, we will be working on programmers for digital synths:

  • Alesis QS, Nano families
  • Casio CZ, VZ, FZ, HZ/HT families
  • Emu Proteus family
  • Kawai K1, K4, K5, K11, KC family
  • Korg 707/DS-8, M/T1, Wavestation, 01/W, X families
  • Peavey DPM, SP, Spectrum families
  • Roland S, D, U, JV families
  • Yamaha DX/TX, SY/TG, families