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Factory Library:

  • 1: Ambient Drums, Latin Percussion, Vibraphone
  • 2: Clav, Electric Piano #1, Drawbar Organ #1
  • 3: Ta, Doo, Male, Female (Voices)
  • 4: Stacked Strings, Low Strings (Tremolo), High Strings (Bowed, Pizzicato, Tremolo)
  • 5: Sax (Barritone, Rough Tenor, Velocity Tenor, Punchy Alto)
  • 6: Steel String Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Fiddle, Bass Harmonica, Harmonica
  • 7: Rock Guitar 5ths, Solo Rock Guitar, 4 Electric Bass #2, Breathy Alto Sax, Tabla/Bayan Drums, Sitar/Tamboura
  • 8: Cup Gong/Che Cymbal, Crotales/Orch Bells, Rack Bell, Kalimba, Wind Gong, Sit Drum
  • 9: Strummed Piano, Unprepared Piano, Hammered Piano, Fu Yin Gong, Orch Tone Cluster, Opera Gong
  • 10: Pipe Organ Hit, Mark Tree (Down), Snare Buzz Roll/Telephone, Mark Tree (Up), Igor's Hit, Orch Hit II
  • 1: Electronic Drums, Orch Percussion, Xylophone
  • 2: Piano +1, Digital Piano, Drawbar Organ #2
  • 3: Low/High Voices- "AH", Solo Voice- "BUM", Low/High Voices "DO", Breathy Voice- "OO", Solo Voice- "LA"
  • 4: Cellos, Violins, Orch Brass Section, French Horns/Muted Trumpets, Choirs 1+2, Choir 3
  • 5: Solo Cello, Flute, Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Bassoon, Oboe
  • 6: Nylon String Guitar, Harp, Tremolo Mandolin, Mandolin
  • 7: 23 Synth Sounds on Wheels
  • 8: Marimba, Breathy Bass, Perc. Bottles, Typello, Wooden Flutes
  • 9: Full Pipe Organ (with bass pedals), Pipe Organ Brass (with bass pedals), Pipe Organ Positiv (with bass pedals)
  • 10: Piano Harmonic, Bell Tree, Sustained Piano 2/Pedal Snap, A ength of Pastic Hose Whirled About the Head, Carl's Hit, Tchaikovsky's Hit
  • 1: 4 Trombones, Horn Section Unison, Bari Sax, Horn Section, Horn Section Octaves, Horn Section 2 Octaves
  • 2: Low Mondo Voices, Hiss Vocals, Breaking Glass, Lagong, Walking Spring Toy, Wine Goblet
  • 3: Fretless Bass, Keyboard Harmonica, Dobro, Mandolin Major Chord, Mandolin Minor Chord
  • 4: Hammer Dulcimer, Bass/Alto/Tenor Recorders, Soprano Recorders, Bass/Tenor Shawm, Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass Crumhorns
  • 5: Chainsawed Bass, Plucked Brass, Choir and Orch Hit, Orch Hit IV, Electric Piano #2
  • 6: Acoustic Piano, Low Voices "AH", High Voices "AH", Bowed String
  • 7: Upright Bass, Sax, Trombones, Trumpet, Rock Drums
  • 8: Brass Fall-Off, Brass Gliss, Brass Section, Electric Bass #1, Solo Rock Guitar, Drums/Synth Bass, Marimba/Electric Piano/Organ/Clav
  • 9: Electric Bass/3 Basses, Piano/Organ 1/Electric Piano 1/Voices, String Bass/3 Basses, Electric Piano 2/Strings/Vibes/Flute, Drums + 4 Basses, Organ 2/Electric Piano 3/Guitar/Bras
  • 10: Bell/Elec Piano/Organ/Clav 1, Voices, Lead/Clav 2/Ana Syn 1/Ana Syn 2, Synth Sounds 1, Brass/Clav 3/Guitar Synth/Rok!, Synth Sounds 2