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We have the following disks in stock. Contact us to buy ($8/ea) or trade disks (or HxC floppy emulator files). A "?" designates disks we are either missing or were never released.

Miscelaneous Volumes

SDLPiano 1?Brass 1?Guitar 1Bass 1????
YMC?OrganBrassPianoAcoustic GuitarStrings 1 of 2Strings 2 of 2???
Voice Disk V2Piano and Organ?Acoustic Drums??Bass Guitars????

Sample Library

100?C.Bass and Cello 1Tremolo 1Pizzicato 1Orchestra Hit 1Orchestra Hit 2??Sampled Strings 1/2Sampled Strings2/2
200Trombone and Trumpet 1Tuba and Horn 1Unison Horn???????
300Flute and Piccolo 1Bassoon, English Horn and OboeBb Clarinet and Clarinet 1Four Saxes 1?Alto and Soprano 1Soprano Sax2 1/2Soprano Sax2 2/2??
400?Timpani and GongLatin Percussion 1??Percussion 1 1/2??Snare Drum Collection 1/2Snare Drum Collection 2/2
500CelestaVibraphoneMarimba 1Glocken 1Tubular Bells1 and Steel Drum1?????
600Harp 1Harp 2Shamisen 1???????
700Pops Voice 1?????????
800HarpsichordYamaha CFIII Grand Piano 1/2Yamaha CFIII Grand Piano 2/2???????
900???Spacey Keys 2Synth Set 1?????
1000??General Performance 1 1/2General Performance 1 2/2Jazz Performance 1 1/2Jazz Performance 1 2/2Jazz Performance 2 1/2JazzPerformance 2 2/2Orchestral Performance 1 1/2Orchestral Performance 1 2/2
1010Combo Performance 1Combo Performance 2Orchestral Performance 2 1/2Orchestral Performance 2 2/2Big Band Performance 1 1/2Big Band Performance1 2/2Europop Performance 1 1/2Europop Performance 1 2/2Rock Performance 2 1/2
1100Sound Effects1?Animal Effects 1