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Most of our synth stock is no longer for sale (we are using them to design the MIDI programmers), but we still have a wide assortment of vintage synth memory cards, along with parts and keys in stock. Additionally, we have some Yamaha GS1 and GS2 resources. Contact us to purchase or use the Paypal buttons below.

Memory Cards

We currently have memory cards/cartridges available for Casio, Elka, Kawai, Korg, Peavey, Roland, SIEL/Suzuki, Yamaha.


CZ SP-RAM64CZ Synthetic Productions RAM64 EZ-CZ cartridge (4 banks of 16 presets) RAM Cartridge: $128
VZ SP-RAM64VZ Synthetic Productions RAM64 “MasterRAM” RAM card: $128
VZ RC-100VZ RC-100 (factory) ROM card: $64
VZ RC-100VZ RC-110 (US Collection) ROM card: $128
VZ RC-100VZ RC-120 (Tokio Collection) ROM card: $128
VZ RC-100VZ RC-130 (European Collection) ROM card: $128
VZ RC-100VZ RC-140 (Hi-Powered Collection) ROM card: $128


EK44 RAMEK44 RAM Cartridge: $128


K3 RC-2 RAMK3 RC-2 RAM Cartridge: $128
K3 B-25 RAMK3 B-25 (4 banks) RAM Cartridge ($256)
K1 A1-01 ROMK1 A1-01 ROM card: $64


Note: The 707, DS-8, and M3R use the same RAM card as the Wavestation.

M303 ROMM3R Valhala-M303 ROM card: $64
WPC-14 RAMWavestation WPC-14 (Analog and VS) RAM card: $64


Note: Roland M-256 card is compatible with Peavey synths.

DPM3 Edition 2 ROM cardDPM3 Edition 2 ROM card: $64
DPM SI Edition 2 ROM cardDPM3 Edition 2 ROM card: $64


M-64C RAMM-64C RAM cartridge: $128 (compatible with Super Jupiter (MKS-80), Super JX (MKS-70, JX-10), Alpha Juno-2)
M-256D RAMM-256D RAM card: $64 (compatible with D-5, D-10, D-20, D-50, D-110, D-550 and probably most JV/JD family synths)

Note: Roland M-64C cartridge currently contains JX sound back-ups, but can be reformatted.


SX-500 RAMEX-80/SX-500 RAM cartridge: $128


DX7II ROM cardDX7II ROM card: $64
MCD32 RAM cardMCD32 RAM card: $64 (compatible with B200, SY22, SY35, SY55, TG33, TG55, TQ5, V50, YS100, YS200)
MCD64 RAM cardMCD64 RAM card: $64 (compatible with RM50, SY22, SY35, SY55, SY77, SY85, SY99, TG33, TG55, TG77, TG500, V50)
SY35 VC3501 ROM cardSY35 VC3501 (Pop-Standards) ROM card: $128
SY35 VC3502 ROM cardSY35 VC3502 (Super-Synth) ROM card: $128

Vintage Synth Parts

For part availability and pricing information, please contact us with a description of the part needed. We have parts in stock for the following synths:

  • Casio: CZ-101, CZ-230, CZ-1000, CZ-3000, CZ-5000, CZ-1
  • Elka: EK44
  • Ensoniq: KT-88, VFX-SD
  • Kawai: K1, K5, K5m, KC10
  • Korg: DS-8, DSS-1, DW-6000, DW-8000, EX-8000, Poly61, Poly800, Poly800II
  • Moog: Polymoog
  • Peavey: Spectrum Synth
  • Roland: A-90, Alpha Juno-1, Alpha Juno-2, D-5, D-10, D-110, D-20, Juno-106, HS-60, JX-8P, JX-10, MKS-100, S-10, S-220, S-550, U-110, U-20, U-220, W-30
  • Yamaha: DX21, DX7IID, GS1, GS2, TX16W, TX-816, V50

Vintage Synth Keys

We have keys (sharp key: $8, natural key: $16, top key: $32) in stock for the following synths (contact us for key availability):

  • Akai: AX-60, X-7000
  • ARP: 2500, 2600, Axxe MK1, Explorer, Odyssey, Omni, Pro Soloist, Quadra, Quartet
  • Casio: CT-655, CZ1000, CZ3000, CZ5000
  • Crumar: Performer, Trilogy
  • EML: 100, 101
  • Emu: Emulator III
  • Kawai: K5, SX-210, SX-240
  • Korg: DSS-1, DW-6000, DW-8000, Mono/Poly, PolySix, Poly-61, Poly800, RK-100, 01/W, i2, i3, i30, M1, Oasys, T2, T3, Trinity, Trinity Pro, Triton Extreme/Pro/Studio, Wavestation, Z1
  • M-Audio: KeyStudio, KeyStation, KeyRig
  • Moog: Memorymoog, Micromoog, Minimoog, Minitmoog, Polymoog, Prodigy, Satellite, Sonic 6
  • Oberheim: 2/4/8-Voice, OB-1, OB-8, OB-SX, OB-X, OB-Xa
  • Octave: Cat
  • PPG: Wave 2.2
  • Roland: A-50, D-50, EP-3, EP-5, HP-60, HP-70, Juno-2, JX-8P, JX-10, KR-33, MKB-200, S-10, S-50, SK-7
  • Sequential Circuits: Prelude, Pro-One, Prophet 5, Prophet 10, Multi-Trak, Prophet 600, Six-Trak
  • SIEL: Cruise, Mono, Orchestra, Orchestra2, OR-400, Trilogy
  • Yamaha: DX7, DX7IIfd, DX7S, EX5, Motif 6/7/ES6/ES7, PF-10, SY-77, SY-85, SY-99

Yamaha GS1 and GS2

We have several GS2s in stock, so we can usually provide parts. The memory strip readers on the GS1 and GS2 are notorious for leaky caps, which destroy the traces on the board and several NLA (No Longer Available) ICs. So, unless the cap leakage is caught soon enough, most reader repairs are not trivial. As time permits, we are working on a memory mod (replacing the volatile memory with a larger EEPROM) and porting out the programming interface. Meanwhile, we offer a drop-in replacement NVRAM, which can optionally be programmed before shipping. We also offer GS2 memory strips for $8/ea.


Note: Installing the NVRAM requires opening the GS and swapping the RAM IC, which should performed by a qualified technician.

Note: The GS-1 requires two NVRAM IC, while the GS-2 only requires a single NVRAM IC.

Samples of each preset can be downloaded.  Samples are in WAV format with presets for most common sample players (Logic EXS24, Kontakt, Reason NN-XT, MachFive, SFZ).   The full sample library can be purchased from our sample store.